Photographs 1 - (2012)

Photographs 1 - considering light within an ambient environment. 

... see how we go... (1) (2013)

Work made in Christchurch in response to the dramatic visual scape post three major earthquakes. 


Glaister Ennor Award submission 2012

The image was made in the Kaipara in regenerating native forest as a light and movement study. It won the Barfoot and Thompson prize in the Glaister Ennor Award 2012.

Kinetographs 1 - Rarotonga (2012)

Light is a phenomenal experience of time and space - a continuum. A camera, much like an eye, focuses to present fragments of the continuum as frozen pieces of time and space, fully and minutely described. The artist's methodology of 'Kinetographs' extend time and space to make a different description possible - something the eye is not capable of yet is of no less validity as an experience of time and space.

No Place Like Home (2014)

Offering a study of the Avonside/Shirley area of Christchurch post 2010/2011 earthquakes. Like walking in a parallel world - at once familiar yet weirdly and morbidly disjunctive - there is the palpable idea of never being able to return to home.

Theatre of Light 1 (2007)

The visionary concept of the journey and mission of the Hubble Telescope inspired this series of images created using a collection of mundane house lights and other domestic paraphenalia. 

Constructed images.

Memorium (2009)

These images come from Theatre of Light work. This geneology underpins the work with the concept of life and light playing out on a stage in the cosmos.

Created in memorium - RIP JB. 

Constructed images.

re:New.all (2013)

Work exploring the beginnings of renewal in Christchurch - the dynamic venture of new building and the inexorable regeneration of nature in the wake of decimation.